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Mark Del Degan is a businessman and a recognized speaker who teaches internet marketing to all types of entrepreneurs, from real estate investors to attorneys, and every niche in between. He breaks down the barriers for success online through easy step-by-step tutorials with no techno mumbo jumbo. Mark has the ability to explain, in very simple terms, how easy it is to build an internet presence, climb to the top of the search engines, and start making profits! If you would like more information on booking Mark Del Degan for your event please call the 727-388-4383 or fill in the form and you will be contacted by the Operations Department.

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Mark has spoken several times professionally:
( below: Bio, presentation topics for 90 minutes and full-day presentations )
HypeFree JV Bootcamp
Dan Stojadinovic’s Internet Marketing and JV Bootcamp – Tampa, FL – October 2009

TWBA Online
The Wealth Building Annex Online – Weekly Internet Marketing Mastermind “Meetup”

Facebook & YouTube Presentation at On Top of the World  – January 2010

Topic #1 (Mark has over a dozen topics he can cover):Internet Marketing Stratigies

Have you ever seen people make tons of squeeze pages with great videos or landing pages and know what their conversion rate was, ranks at the top of the search engines, and had fantastic follow up, not just online but offline or have fantastic affiliate programs with hundreds or thousands of affiliates and they where not stressed of frustrated? Would you like to know how to do all that, double or triple your income by having the right internet infrastructure in place without the headaches and frustrations? Imagine if you could dream up and offer and have it live and working for you in 24 or 48 hours and not spend a fortune or learn techno geek speak, would that be something valuable to you? If so, then you can’t miss Mark Del Degan’s presentation. He has helped entreprenuers just like you make the transition online and fully understand the numbers, the conversions, the funnels, and much more! Now he is going to transform your business and give you your life back. Whatever you do, you need to be there. Cancel your other plans, because they are not going to put money in your pocket and Mark will. People have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of frustration trying to do what Mark will teach you and never had it implemented and after they saw the presentation you will the blueprint to have it done in just one week!

Mark is an [insert story here]. Mark gives simple solutions that non-technical entrepreneurs from info-marketers, lawyers, real estate investors or any other will benefit from. WILL YOU BE THERE?

Mark’s BIO

Internet marketing expert Mark Del Degan has successfully implemented and maintains hundred’s blogs and websites for his business and those of his clients.

As a student of marketing (particular online marketing) since 2003, he is always learning new ways to implement strategies and continually strives to be “the smartest kid on the block”. Success on the internet is not always easy for the Canadian native, but with massive action, anddedication everyday he manages to overcome the challenges.

In ’89 he moved to the United States with his family, and has had the privilege to meet great folks across the Midwest, and East Coast.

His online career started in order to expand his family’s retail stores in regional shopping malls throughout the US back in 1998. To sell the excess inventory, Mark decided to try his luck on eBay and over the years eventually retained Power Seller status since 2007, and recently Top-Rated Seller in 2010.

In 2005, Mark branched out to market a new real estate business; and added the skill sets needed to market both Realtors, and real estate investors.

Currently, he is a full time student at the University of South Florida, majoring in accounting. Mark manages an expansion of the retail business through micro online retail stores to expand the customer base. He also has a passion for coaching, and speaking aboutinternet marketing, and enjoys seeing businesses and people succeed. His company alsoperforms done-for-you marketing services for individuals and businesses.

How Mark Got Started In Internet Marketing

Mark learned from various in person seminars, friends, and online membership sites that taught internet marketing. After every course he took just one technique and implemented it. Some worked and some didn’t. Through trial and error, Mark eventually found a way to sell stuffonline and hasn’t looked back. He first sold gaming cards, and jewelry from the retail store on eBay, and then realized that certain products work, and others don’t. After many attempts Markeventually found a way to sell more stuff online which has grown to a full time business with multiple employees and thousands of dollars in online sales.

A self proclaimed geek, he learned from constant reading on web design, video production, andphotography to understand the why behind most of the internet; for better or for worse.

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