Initial Take on Zendesk for iPad

New Zendesk for iPad
Just Announced New Zendesk for iPad. Customer service folks rejoice!

Raging customers is just part of the business. Lucky for you Zendesk is here.

The folks over at Zendesk released a brand new version of their popular customer service application on the iPad today.  My initial take on it, is that the app much like the rest of the service is really well done.

I was not currently aware of this service before the announcement, but I started looking into it.

We are going to implement this into my business over the next week. I was blown away of what this can do for our support requests. Right now we get around 20 requests a day from customers (Nothing major, but still something that has to be managed.) As we grow I expect this number to rise and I needed a solution that would handle multiple support agents without granting them access to my Gmail account.

Enter Zendesk. Not only is their app wicked cool but it integrates with the current support email so the customers know what’s going on at all times. And we can use the apps, and web logins to manage all the requests. Sure beats having to go through the inbox.

As we really start digging into this service more I will let you guys know some additional takeaways. But for now, if you are looking for a new solution for your e-commerce store support then you might want to check out Zendesk. (By the way, I’m not getting paid for this.) (Also, like most things in life worth having it is not free. It costs $9 for three agents and goes up from there.)

Just have a look at it, there is a free trial.

Talk soon,