Micro Niche PDF Download

I was putting together a presentation about Niche Marketing for my friend Dan Stojadinovic Hypefree boot camp this weekend and I found this presentation that I spoke on about a year ago.

Now before you say… “You don’t expect me to read your year old e-book?”

Hear me out.

95% of the stuff in there is highly relevant even to this day.

The only thing I would change is more emphasis on YouTube videos. I am generating a lot of traffic from YouTube vids right now. You can expect a blog post about that shortly.

It’s all about the fundamentals, and there are some key tips in there.

Especially if you have just heard me speak over the weekend a lot of the information in there should make a lot of sense.

If not, use it as a jump off point to further your education. Either way it is yours totally free.

You can download it below…

Download the Micro Niche presentation handout.

Hope you enjoy it, and if you like it just tweet or share it along.