Sunday Links

I wanted to start this week off school with a new feature that I’ll be doing on Sunday. It’s called Sunday Links (for lack of a better name) and it will feature 3 of the best articles that I have come across this week.

Here they are…

The Billion Dollar Smart Cover via

“It gives an insight on how an up sell can be inhernetly designed in an offer. I was walking around Downtown Disney and they not but three different up sells right at the register. This is what the corporate is doing to increase their margins. Also, the last line is really compelling but a very good point.”

JetPack for WordPress

“Matt Mullenweg talks about his vision of WordPress JetPack which is a plugin that brings the best features of to the self hosted version. This are some really cool features in the plugin bundle and it will replace several plugin installs in just one big ol’ pack. Now where is Rocket Man when I need him.”
10 Tips on Adding Content Marketing to Your Mix

“In this post I talked about how adding content to your eCommerce store is a surefire way to get a boost of rankings in the search engines so, here is a good checklist to think about when adding content to your site.”

That will do it for this week’s edition of Sunday Links, enjoy your Sunday.

– Mark