How To Upload A Video

This is not a complicated process, but it can be daunting if you are trying to do it by yourself. Think about the time you learned a board game, or Texas Hold Em’… You had a friend explain it to you. I can almost guarantee you didn’t look up the rules online. Hopefully, I can be the friend that explains the process, and make it easy so you can do it all the time.

You will wow your prospects, build relationships, and have instant credibility if you add some sort of video to everything you do.

For example, I had a prospective customer on eBay that actually phoned the store and complimented my video on, and within fifteen minutes after getting off the phone he had purchased the $18 pair of glasses. Money in da’ bank!

So, without further adou, Lights… Camera… Action…


Here are a few tips before you start shooting your video.

  • Natural lighting or bright lighting. – You want to shoot your video in a well lit area. Why? Because the lenses in the smaller cameras that we are using are by definition small, they capture clearer video brightly lit areas.
    • Side note: There are two exceptions, the first one is if you are shooting in the moment. For instance, you walk into McDonald’s and find about 20 folks doing hip-hop singing and dancing. Who cares what the lighting is, out comes the camera. The second is you do not want to have hot spots or really bright lights directly on the subject; which is you. Just a nice even glow like a spray on tan, not saying I do those kind of things, just watch way to much Dancing with the Stars.
  • Use a Tripod. – This will reduce camera shaking and produce a clearer more professional looking video. Also, the file size of the video when uploaded to the internet will be smaller. Why do you want this? Because the end customer or prospect will be able to download or steam the video quicker. “Do you hate watching a video that skips, and stops every 5 seconds?” Yeah, we all hate that! So, the smaller the video size produces a more accessible video.
  • Makeup. – I know, I know, we cannot afford a makeup artist at this time. But, Hollywood does it all the time, why shouldn’t you? Even for the dudes out there! When ever I go to shoot a video and have a zit or blemish, out comes the concealer and cover that up. If you have oily skin; which I do, wipe it off with a paper towel or cloth before you get behind the camera.
  • Costume. – Please dress appropriately for your end client. You know that people make judgment calls whether they are going to do business with you in the first few second of seeing you. So, just spend a few minutes thinking about what your wearing, fix your hair, or do something along those lines. I am personally not going to do business with a streal, unless they are giving me good knowledge. If the latter is the case than they could be dressed like a clown and I would not care.
  • BIG ONE! What camera to use? If it is a digital tape/film camera, or straight to dvd video camera, forget about it, go buy a new camera. Here is what I use, a Sony Cybershot photo, and video camera. It shoots 10 megapixel pictures, and hd video for about $200 bucks. You cannot beat that! Also, a fantastic choice is a Flip Camera. It is so easy to use, and shoots great video. You want something that takes video to a memory card, or hard drive as opposed to tape, or dvds. Just like your phone camera, it stores it in memory so you can download right to your computer and directly to the internet. If you are confused, just go to Best Buy and ask the video guy at the counter, he or she will point you in the right direction. But, a Flip Camera is really all you need. Thousands of millionaires use this camera to shoot real estate properties, and testamonials so it is good enough. <<< I will explain the upload process in detail in step #3 >>>

Now with the above out of the way, let’s get into the fun stuff!

Step #1 – Figure out what you are going to say.

Please be coherent, and consise. You only have them for 60 to 90 seconds so make everyone count. Ever heard a radio commercial, or Ryan Seacrest promote something? Wham! They are right to the point. That is where you need to be. “Now, I’m not perfect, sometimes I ramble on but hey I’m working on it.”

I write a storyline, or an outline to get my ideas down on paper. I ask myself this question, “What does my future prospect want to hear?” And then go from there. Watch some other really cool videos that you liked and copy the presentation style down.

  • Side note: In the beginning do not edit your videos!!! It takes way to much time, and learning curve. Trust me, I have spent countless hours learning how to do it by myself. Just pay a few bucks if you want your video edited.

Step #2 – Shoot Your Video.

You are now prepared finally get behind the camera. Go find a friend and tell him or her to press the button on the camera. Remember, you are not editing so you want to do it in takes. Take #1, Take #2, Take #3, and so on.

Here are some shooting tips.

  • Talk into the camera. – When your future customer sees this video they need to feel that you are talking to them directly.
  • Conversational Style. – Act as if the camera is your client, talk to it just as you would carry on a conversation at a networking meeting, or in your place of business.
  • Keep it short. – You only have them for about a minute or two if you’re lucky so keep it short and sweet

Step #3 – Upload Your Video.

Getting your video up online is a must, so here are two ways to get it done. The easy way, and the complicated way.

The easy way. – YouTube. Why? Because it is the largest, and most popular video sharing site in the world. If your customers are there, you need to be there. Plus it is super easy to integrate your video into a blog, or website.

  • Side note: There are other video sites such as, yahoo video, and but honestly, the best is YouTube.

The complicated way. – Using Longtail video with your own server. It is the best way to get very clear, and controlable video on the web. However, it is quite involved and I will explain the process in another post later this week. For, now the above information will get you on your way.

<<< Easy way tutorial. – Here is the step by step process on how to get your video on YouTube. >>>

  • #1 – Plug the Flip Camera, camera, or memory card into your computer.
  • #2 – Find the file. – The video you shot in step #2 is on the camera you just plugged in. Find it, right click it, and copy it. Next paste the video to your desktop or video folder on your hard drive.
    • It could take some time depending on how large the file is. You are now downloading the video to your computer.
  • #3 – Open up the internet, and navigate to
  • #4 – Create an account or sign into your existing YouTube account.
  • #5 – Click the yellow upload button in the top right corner of the page. That will bring you to the upload page.
  • #6 – Click the gray upload button in the middle of the page.
  • #7 – Browse your computer for the video you transferred earlier. And double click it.
  • #8 – You are now uploading your video to YouTube. There should be a blue bar on top of the screen showing the progress. Videos take time to upload, please be patient.
    • Side note: Do not close the internet browser while your video is uploading. It will NOT be uploaded.
    • Take this time to enter a title, category, tags (keywords), and description of your video. Include your website address in the description. Ex.
  • #9 – Just wait. It takes time for YouTube to process your video, sometimes this could take up to 30 minutes.

Uploading tip. In order to get the High Quality Icon on your YouTube video, it has to be in 640px x 480px or better. What that means, most new cameras including the Flip Camera should be ok. I just wanted to share this information with you because it is vital in order to get clear and fast loading video.

Step #4 – Adding a YouTube Video to your Blog, or Website.

The next tutorial is getting a YouTube video to your blog by using the embed feature already built in to every YouTube video.

Prerequisite: You need to know how to copy and paste.

  • Step #1 – Find the video on YouTube you want to put on your website.
  • Step #2 – On the right hand side of the screen is the embed code. Right click inside the code box; it should highlight, and select copy.
  • Step #3 – Go login to the back end of your website. I am going to continue this tutorial in WordPress, but if you are using Joomla, Prospectizer, or any other content management system it should be; generally speaking, the same process.
  • Step #4 – Click new post near the top left of the screen.
  • Step #5 – Click the html tab in the middle of the screen.
  • Step #6 – Right click, and select paste. This should paste the code from the YouTube video into the HTML portion of this posting.
  • Step #7 – Add a title to your video. Ex. This is my first video.
  • Step #8 – Click publish on the right hand side of the screen. (You might have to click publish a few times, wordpress is bizarre sometimes.)


Step #4.5 – Check To See If It Is Live.

Navigate to your blog or website, and see if the video is working. When posting and article or video to the web it is always important to see if things work right. So, it is good practice to see if the video is added to your website properly.

Hooray! You can now celebrate!!! Your video is shot, uploaded, and added to the webpage.

This tutorial may seem daunting at first, but really all the steps are navigating through the different pages of the web. And, like everything else the more videos you shoot, upload, and add the better you will become at shooting, uploading, and adding.

Hope this helps, and please feel free to contact me at any time.

To your video success, and building relationships, and making money using techniques the big guys can only dream about.

Thanks for reading,

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