WordPress 3.0 – Sound the vuvuzelas!

Today is historic.

After many hard working months from all the folks who contributed to WordPress 3.0… You can now download it for your blog.

I’ve been running a development release as well as the release candidate version for about a month now on MarkDelDegan.com and numerous other sites and have enjoyed all the new features like shortcode generators, the look and feel, and new custom page links.

WordPress has truly graduated to the full blown content management system. And I love it.

I will do a follow up post to this one on some of the cool stuff that I’m doing with WordPress 3.0 so you can can look forward to that.

But in the meantime here is how you upgrade your blog. (Your plugins should be updated but it always best to backup first; I use this plugin for easy WordPress backups WP-DB-Backup.)

Step #1 – Login to your self hosted wordpress blog.

Step #2 – Click the upgrade to WP 3.0 button at the top of your screen. (See image below.)

How to upgrade to WordPress 3.0
Click on the please update now. (So polite.)

Step #4 Click on the upgrade automatically button.

Upgrade WordPress 3.0 Automatically
Click the upgrade automatically.

Step#5 – Wait for the downloader to do it’s thing. And…. Your done! (Easy eh.)

There is going to be a lot of really cool implementation techniques come out of this release, but for now enjoy the work of the people who made this all possible.

One last thing…

Check out this video for a overview on some of the new features.

That’s all for now.

– Mark

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