Marketing Lessons from Ben Affleck’s The Town Movie.

Ben Affleck’s new movie The Town opened this weekend and is seeing great results.

Great for Ben, the studios, and investors.

But what does this mean for you?

In a world where industry reviews, consumer reviews, comments, Twitter, Facebook, etc., can be found at the click of the mouse or finger.

Good news travels fast, bad news even faster.

So, as a business person you can’t expect to sell junk in the marketplace and still get results.

There are so many people out there that sell utter garbage and they wonder why they are not successful.

People don’t want crap.

The Town Movie
What to learn from The Town Movie.

The Town (Ben Affleck) vs The Devil (M Night Shyamalan)

A classic battle between good and evil. A David and Goliath type match. Ali vs Frasier.

One movie comes highly praised by critics, reached a starving crowd, word of mouth was huge, great acting, correct target market, and buzz..

The other, trashed by critics, flooded marketplace, long history of junk, no buzz, bad premise, wrong target market, tarnished name.

You get the idea.

Guess which movie opened better?

You got it. The Town.

It beat “The Devil” for about 10-15 million in just this weekend. It will far outperform it in the long run.

With the interwebz you can no longer do whatever YOU want. You have to do what THEY want.

The market spoke and you have to listen.

– Mark

P.S. So, what is your takeaway? Is M. Night over? Did you see the movie? Leave a comment below!

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