New (Feb 2011) Google Algorithm Change Results

Google once again made this announcement today indicating that there will be a significant change in their algorithm which will affect approximately 11% of the search results.

Whenever Google makes a change like this site owners take notice. Important to note: If you own a local small business the majority of these change will not affect you primarily because when someones types your company name and or the service you provide then “generally” you site in your local area is the most relevant. So it will show near the top of the pages.

Obviously there are ton of factors that go into ranking a page in Google but it seems it all comes back to relevance. Keep that in mind as you tackle the SEO of your site.

I have not seen any significant changes in my sites as of yet. Most of the pages are basically where they were before the change.

One thing I have noticed is some of eZine articles and squidoo lenses are not being ranked as well.

Also, I have noticed some of the Hub Pages links not ranking as high, going from position 4 down to position 33.

For some bizarre reasons eHow and Wikihow has not been affected. But, the other article/how to sites have been. Google seems to have labeled those sites as “spammy” or certainly less relevant for folks who are searching the internet.

Regular websites (html, WordPress, etc) has not changed in the serps. Even my 1 page sales letters seem to be totally unaffected.

I am still looking into this, and what it all means. If I find anything else going on, especially if it impacts eCommerce sites I will let you know.

Are you guys seeing the same results? Leave your comments below.

– Mark


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