The Coolest Geek Thing I’ve Found in Awhile…

Wibiya Social Media Toolbar


You might of noticed the nifty toolbar at the bottom of the homepage.

I have to say it is the geekiest thing I found in awhile on the net!

It translates, provides social bookmarking, notifies, picture gallery, and even washes the dishes in the kitchen sink.

Ok, obviously I am pulling your leg on the last one. But I’m serious, it is web 2.0 at its finest.

Want one for yourself?

You have to sign up for private beta at this website;

It is totally free, but you have to hurry because it is in private beta so I don’t know how long it will be available.


Talk soon,

P.S. Really looking forward to Dan’s HypeFree JV Event this weekend in Tampa!!!

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