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Paranormal Scares For Success This Weekend!

Hey guys,

As you know, I’m a bit of a movie buff, and this weekend is the release of Paranormal Activity. If you haven’t heard; Paranormal Activity is supposed to scare the pants off you which will lead to running out of the theater screaming for your life!

Well, maybe not that dramatic but you may be asking what the heck this all has to do with internet marketing?

The producers and the team behind the extremely low budget movie have run a brilliant marketing campaign that included reaching out and getting the end customers (like me) involved. As I write this, Paranormal Activity is the #1 trending topic on Twitter right now.

Paranormal Trending Twitter

Everyone (most likely horror fans, and Gen. Y) throughout social media is talking about it. Obviously, it is working because look at the word-of-mouth marketing that is going on right now as a write this.

Let me get some numbers for you, the theater count was 34 last weekend and expanded nationally to 194 according to @giteshpandya. He runs the and is predicting a total of $6 million gross this weekend, which translates to a sensational $38,000 per theater!

To add to the marketing voodoo, PA has scared enough people to request it at their local theater by going online and voting for the hometown if they got enough votes they would bring it there. Also, the movie is being rated very fresh 88% from Rotten Tomatoes, which means they made a good quality product.

The folks behind Paranormal Activity used theater scarcity, killer trailers, good reviews, customer interaction, and above all else they made a crazy amount of money this weekend. Some huge Summer blockbusters don’t even come close to that per theater average!

The moral of this story, is to listen, and increase the cool to your customers. Limit scarcity, and get involved. After all they do pay the bills.

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P.S. You can view the movie trailer at the official website here…

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